First Aid

How to spot?

Behavioral signs

  • Consistent atypical behavior

  • Being unusually quiet

  • Being late and missing deadlines

  • Drop in attendance

  • Drop in the quality of work

  • Tense, sad or tired appearance

  • Poor personal hygiene

  • Inappropriate or bizarre responses

  • Inability to concentrate

  • Fear of failure

  • Excessive complaining

  • Crying

  • No desire to socialize

What to do?


  • Ask permission to talk about it

  • Listen carefully

  • Check if you understand them correctly

  • Let them speak freely

  • Refer if you feel it's needed


  • Give unsollicited advice

  • Be distracted

  • Make assumptions

  • Interrupt

  • Judge

Where to refer?

General Practitioner of the student

  • For referral for mental healthcare

Study advisor

  • For (practical) help with study-related issues

  • Click here for VUnet page

Student psychologist

Student dean

  • For guidance and advice with personal problems.

  • Click here for VUnet page

New Connective

  • Free counseling without the need for referral

  • Visit website

Other options VU has to offer